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Best App to buy term insurance within a few clicks

The importance of a term insurance plan cannot be stressed enough. The plan covers the risk of premature death and provides your family financial security even in your absence. If you invest in a term insurance plan, you can leave behind a source of income for your family even when you, the breadwinner, are not around anymore. The plan has very low premiums and the coverage that it provides ensures peace of mind. That is why having a term insurance plan in your kitty is always recommended but after understanding the different types of term insurance plans.

Many of you know that you can buy life insurance policies online. But did you know that you can also buy term insurance online through your Smartphones?

The Internet has brought about a revolution in modern society and nowadays almost everyone owns a Smartphone. To make the Smartphone a solution for every need, many mobile applications are available which bring the whole world literally to your fingertips. There are mobile applications for buying term insurance plans as well and the best application among all is the ETMONEY application. Do you know why?

The ETMONEY app – an edge in buying term insurance online

The ETMONEY application has been designed by the Times of India Group which is also the creator of leading brands like Economic Times, Times of India, MagicBricks, Indiatimes, etc. As such, the application is promoted by a reputed brand name which gives it credibility and trust. The ETMONEY application gives you a one-stop platform for investments, loans and insurance. It is a multi-faceted personal finance application through which you can buy term insurance online.

Why buy term insurance online through ETMONEY?

There are various advantages which you can get when you choose to buy term insurance online through the ETMONEY mobile application. These advantages include the following –

  • Choice of the best brands

ETMONEY has tied-up with leading insurance companies of the segment to give you a choice of some of the best term insurance plans available in the market. You can find the range of term insurance plans offered by HDFC Life Insurance Company, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, Max Life Insurance Company, etc. when you buy through the ETMONEY application. These companies offer some of the best term plans which ensure that you get the best coverage. You also get the choice of different types of term insurance plans and you can choose the plan which suits your needs.

  • Simple online process

Did you know that buying term insurance online took only a few minutes? The ETMONEY application has simplified the way that you buy term insurance online. You just have to enter in your personal details to find the most suitable term plans. You can then compare between the available plans and choose the plan which offers the most inclusive coverage at the lowest premium. Buying the plan is simple as you fill up an online application form and pay the premium online. Once the premium is credited, your policy is issued instantly and you get covered within minutes. 

  • Personalized assistance 

Insurance is a technical concept and you might have questions when buying the policy online. ETMONEY understands this and offers you personalised assistance when you buy the policy through its platform. You can connect with ETMONEY’s expert and get answers to all your queries. Moreover, even at the time of claim, you are promised help from ETMONEY’s team of experts so that you know how to get your claim settled at the earliest.

The ETMONEY app is available both on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. You can easily download the application on your Smartphone and buy term insurance online. The process is simple and you can also choose the best policy from the different types of term insurance plans available on the application. So what are you waiting for? Download the ETMONEY app today and insure yourself under a term insurance plan.


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I am blogger with 5 years of experience in writing articles and topics related to finance and funds

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