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Health insurance ensures the best healthcare for you & your family in a medical emergency

Medical emergencies strike unannounced and when they do, besides incurring physiological stress, you also face financial stress. Medical treatments have become quite expensive as new and modern day treatments have revolutionized the healthcare sector. While modern medicine has found cures of many dreaded illnesses, it has also become unaffordable for the common man. Moreover, illnesses and injuries are on the rise and in this situation you need financial protection against the expensive medical costs. The best health insurance policy comes to your assistance in meeting the medical expenses and gives you financial relief.

Health insurance plans in India are also offered as family floater plans which help you avail coverage for all your family members under a single policy. The plan has a single sum insured and a single premium but all your family members are covered. If any insured member needs medical assistance, the policy covers the medical costs incurred up to the sum insured. Some of the coverage benefits provided by family floater health insurance plans in India are as follows –

  • Inpatient hospitalisation 

When you or your family member is admitted to a hospital, a lot of expenses are incurred on accommodation, nursing expenses, cost of surgeries, doctor’s fee, medicines, diagnostic tests, oxygen, blood, etc. These costs can easily amount to lakhs of rupees and a health insurance policy covers all these costs under its scope. The hospital bills are paid by the policy and you don’t have to face a financial strain paying for the hospitalisation expenses of your family.

  • Day care treatments

Day care treatments are those where hospitalisation for 24 hours is not required. These treatments are done within a few hours due to medically advanced techniques. Even though day care treatments do not require continuous hospitalisation, they are covered under health insurance plans so that you can avail such treatments without worrying about their associated costs.

  • Organ donor treatments

Organ transplant surgeries require considerable funds and they are, therefore, covered under health insurance plans. The cost of harvesting an organ from a donor and then its transplantation is covered under most health insurance policies so that you don’t incur huge bills.

  • Maternity expenses

There are health insurance plans which cover the costs associated with pregnancy and child birth. Since maternity costs can be considerable, these plans help you financially when you start a family. The cost of child birth and pre and post-natal medical care is covered under maternity oriented health insurance plans.

  • Critical illness coverage 

Critical illnesses can blow a serious hole in your pockets as they require intensive treatments which cost a bomb. Moreover, if you suffer from such illnesses, you might lose the ability to work for some time which would impact your income. There are, therefore, critical illness health plans and critical illness riders which offer to cover specific critical illnesses. If you or an insured family member is diagnosed with any of the covered illness, the policy pays the sum insured in a lump sum. What’s better is that the benefit paid can be used in any way that you like. You can use the financial assistance to avail advanced treatments or you can simply pay off your financial liabilities so that your family does not face a financial burden.

Besides these coverage benefits, health insurance plans in India also allow you to opt for high sum insured levels which go up to crores. You can choose a sufficient sum insured so that you and your family members are comprehensively covered against any type of medical cost. The premiums are also affordable ensuring that you can afford a comprehensive policy without putting a big dent in your wallet. You also get tax benefits on health insurance premiums which help in saving taxes. 

So, invest in the best health insurance policy covering yourself and your family and get quality healthcare facilities if you or your family members face any medical contingency. 


Published by Nidhi Mehra

I am blogger with 5 years of experience in writing articles and topics related to finance and funds

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