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Get best health insurance quotes on ETMONEY mobile app

Smartphones and mobile applications have shrunk the whole world on your mobile screen. You can buy anything online, right from your home or office, equipped with a Smartphone and a mobile application installed on it. Even when it comes to buying health insurance, your Smartphone has a solution if you have the right mobile application.

ETMONEY mobile application is a one-stop solution for your financial needs. The application allows you to invest your money in suitable mutual funds, track your spending, take a loan and also buy insurance policies. In fact, when it comes to buying health insurance, the ETMONEY mobile app is the ideal solution.

Benefits of buying health insurance from ETMONEY mobile app

The expert often say that you should buy a health insurance policy only after comparing the available plans. Since a health plan is essential, many insurance companies offer a variety of plans for your coverage needs. That is why it becomes essential to compare the available plans and then choose a policy which offers the most suitable and comprehensive coverage benefits at the most reasonable rate of premium. The ETMONEY mobile app lets you do just that. Leading companies are tied up with the ETMONEY mobile app allowing you to compare some of the best health insurance products right on your mobile screens. Here are some of the main benefits of using the ETMONEY mobile app to buy health insurance –

  1. You can compare health insurance quotes of leading health insurance plans offered by the best companies in the market. This comparison allows you to get the best price for your health insurance policy
  2. The whole process of comparing and then buying the best health insurance policy is paperless. You just have to choose the suitable policy online and then buy it through the application. No physical documents are needed to complete the purchase
  3. Once you buy the health plan through the ETMONEY mobile app, you get an instant tax proof of the premium paid. You can submit this proof and get tax benefits when filing your income tax returns
  4. If you have any queries when buying a health insurance policy, you can contact the dedicated customer care representatives who would help solve your queries. You can, in fact, get personalized assistance to buy the best policy suiting your coverage needs when you buy through the application
  5. The ETMONEY mobile app allows a secured and safe one-click premium payment through EasyPay which lets you pay the premium instantly and get coverage without any hassles
  6. You can also get claim related assistance through the claim department of the ETMONEY mobile app. This assistance helps you get your claims settled quickly and without problems

In the competitive world of the health insurance segment, comparing and buying is very important and the ETMONEY mobile app allows you to do just that. Moreover, with personalized assistance and guidance, you can also pick the most suitable policy for your needs. Assistance at the time of claims is an added benefit which makes the ETMONEY mobile app the ideal solution to get and compare health insurance quotes.

So, if you are looking for a health insurance plan, simplify your task by downloading the ETMONEY mobile application. The application is compatible with both the Android and Apple operating systems and can be downloaded on any phone. Once downloaded, choose health insurance and provide your details. Based on your details you would be suggested the leading health insurance plans. Compare the plans on their coverage features and premium rates and then choose the most suitable policy. Once shortlisted, provide your personal details and buy the policy right from the application to get instantly covered. Isn’t it simple?

So what are you waiting for? Download the ETMONEY mobile application and get the best health insurance quotes right on your Smartphone.


Published by Nidhi Mehra

I am blogger with 5 years of experience in writing articles and topics related to finance and funds

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