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Tips to safely buy insurance policies through App

Technology has advanced to such a degree that it has made the world a smaller place. Any information that you need is now available on your computer wherever you are. Even mobile phones have evolved and have become Smart. They are not only used for making calls or sending messages. Nowadays, mobile phones have become an all-purpose tool to help you do multiple things.

Special applications have been developed for mobile phones for every use that you can put your phone too. Buying insurance has also become simpler as there are financial apps especially for your phone. These apps help you buy insurance easily in simple steps.

The ETMONEY app is one such mobile application which allows you to insure yourself. Here are the various uses of the app – 

  • You can buy life insurance through ETMONEY app 
  • You can buy health insurance through ETMONEY app
  • You can even invest in mutual funds and NPS scheme online using ETMONEY

ETMONEY is, therefore, a one-stop solution for your investment and insurance needs and can be easily downloaded on your Smartphone. However, online transactions are prone to cyber-attacks and when you do a transaction through the ETMONEY app, the whole process is online. You should, therefore, follow some safety tips when using the app online. Here are some safety tips which should be practised –

  1. Secured connection

Ensure that you use secured connections when using the ETMONEY app. Use your mobile internet or a trusted Wi-Fi to connect to the application. Your home Wi-Fi or office Wi-Fi would be ideal connection points as they would be secured against possible hacking. Do not use unsecured Wi-Fi connections or connections in public places as they are unsecure and pose a threat to your financial transactions.

  1. Use of firewall or anti-virus 

The importance of anti-virus software and firewalls cannot be stressed enough. These measures protect your devices against cyberattacks. So, if you use a computer, make sure you have installed an anti-malware or anti-virus software on your device. Nowadays even mobile phones carry anti-virus software as mobiles have become multi-functional. Check your mobile device for the inbuilt firewalls. If there are none, buy and install an anti-virus on your Smartphone so that it can smartly thwart possible cyberattacks and allow you to do secured financial transactions.

  1. Use of reputed applications

Ever since Smartphones became popular, the market has been flooded with apps for them. You should, however, download and use reputed apps as they are secured, safe and guard your privacy. ETMONEY is one such reputed application which respects your privacy and guards your data through encryption. You can, therefore buy insurance through ETMONEY app without fear.

  1. Locking the app with a password

Make your app secured with a passkey which would be needed to unlock and use the application. If the app is password protected you can prevent misuse of the app of the leakage of sensitive information. So, opt for passwords when using the app and also change your passwords regularly for enhanced safety.

  1. Create a registered account

When you download the app and open it, it asks you to register yourself using your mobile number. This registration ensures that you become a registered user and can lock the app with a password. So, always create a registered account on the app and use the account to buy insurance policies online.

These safety measures ensure that you can buy insurance using apps without any worry about cyber thefts, frauds or phishing. The ETMONEY is a renowned and secured app which you can use freely for buying insurance. However, the knowledge and practice of the above-mentioned tips would go that extra mile to ensure your safety when conducting financial transactions. So, better safe than sorry, right?


Published by Nidhi Mehra

I am blogger with 5 years of experience in writing articles and topics related to finance and funds

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