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How you can personalize your investment experience?

Good personal finance management is extremely important to achieve all your financial goals. The way we manage our personal finance has a huge impact on the cash flow, savings, and investment growth. It is crucial to have a solid plan for accomplishing each of your financial goals. To do so, it is first important to figure out your goals and risk tolerance. Based on that you can build an investment portfolio that is personalized to your needs. Wondering how you can personalize your investment experience? ET Money Genius is the right platform for you!

The covid pandemic has taught important money lessons to many. People have realized the importance of building an emergency fund and creating a solid financial plan to move towards financial freedom. This has opened up new investment ideas in the country. But as investors are you making the right choice of investment or just buying investment products on the digital platform without a rational thought? This problem can only be solved by personalization of investment. The most cost-effective way to personalize your investment experience is through ET Money Genius. 

What is ET Money Genius?

ET Money Genius is India’s top-rated personal finance management and mutual fund investment app that adds personalization to your investments. ET Money Genius is one of its kind membership service that promises to provide personalized investment intelligence. Yes! ET Money Mutual Fund App has been revamped as ET Money Genius to ensure each of its investors gets a personalized investment experience. ET Money Genius helps you make an investment based on your risk profile, investor personality, investment style, life goals, and time frame to achieve those goals.

How does ET Money Genius help you get a personalized investment experience?

ET Money Mutual Fund App is a multi-asset personal finance management app that helps you invest in various investment products such as direct mutual funds, fixed deposits, stocks, and national pension schemes. You can avail the ET Money Genius membership to get a personalized investment experience. Once you set up an account with ET Money Mutual Fund App and take an ET Money Genius membership, you get the benefit of a personalized investment plan in the following ways:

  • ET money genius analyses your personality and investment mindset. And, measures your risk tolerance capacity based on your response to the questionnaire. 
  • Once you get your risk score, ET money genius makes an investment strategy and recommends the portfolio separately for your short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals.
  • ET money genius gives you a dynamic asset allocation model that helps you consistently beat the average to make significant growth. The recommendations and strategies are based on various factors such as valuation, inflation, price trends, and the interest rate. As the scientific evaluation method is used, personalized investment solutions provided can help you achieve each of your goals in a disciplined way.
  • One of the most important features of ET money genius is that its recommendations are aligned to your goals or expected outcomes from an investment. ET Money Genius curates a portfolio based on your specific investment need.
  • With a detailed parameter of each product, ET Money offers you transparency and helps you make an informed choice. 
  • ET money genius also helps you manage risk efficiently. With timely alerts, it helps you monitor and rebalance your portfolio.
  • ET Money Genius provides you with a holistic and personalized investment solution for wealth creation. 

ET Money Genius is an excellent facility that simplifies and personalizes your investment experience by helping you make informed investment decisions based on your life goals, risk appetite, and time horizon. 


Published by Nidhi Mehra

I am blogger with 5 years of experience in writing articles and topics related to finance and funds

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