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ELSS vs PPF: Which is a better tax saving investment?

ELSS vs PPF: A comparison between ELSS and PPF. Should you invest in ELSS (equity linked saving scheme) or PPF (public provident fund)?Watch this
video and you will get all your answers.
Comparison between most popular tax saving investment schemes under section 80c- ELSS & PPF
Watch this video, created in collaboration with ICICI Mutual Fund, and get the answer. Mr. Chintan Haria, Head of Product at ICICI Mutual Fund,
compares ELSS mutual funds and PPF on 3 most important parameters – lock-in period, returns, and the risk involved.
Also, get to know the right way to invest in tax saving.


Published by Nidhi Mehra

I am blogger with 5 years of experience in writing articles and topics related to finance and funds

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