How do you differentiate Equity funds and ELSS?

When it comes to mutual funds, the choices are many. There are different types of mutual fund schemes based on their investment portfolio, risk profile, return potential, and investment objective. Equity mutual funds are quite popular among investors who have a healthy risk appetite. They allow you to invest and get attractive returns through investmentContinue reading “How do you differentiate Equity funds and ELSS?”

Should you opt for floater funds?

Debt Funds are a conservative investor’s delight. They have two important factors – safety and stability which many investors look out for while investing their hard-earned money. There are 16 variants of these schemes which helps investors choose a scheme as per their needs and financial goals. In this article, we will talk about aContinue reading “Should you opt for floater funds?”

Mutual Funds for Beginners

Picking the right mutual fund for your first investment can get confusing. But it doesn’t have to this way. In this video, we tell you about how to go about selecting your first fund. You will see what the ideal categories for investment horizons ranging from 1 day to 7+ years. There are different typesContinue reading “Mutual Funds for Beginners”

ELSS vs PPF: Which is a better tax saving investment?

ELSS vs PPF: A comparison between ELSS and PPF. Should you invest in ELSS (equity linked saving scheme) or PPF (public provident fund)?Watch thisvideo and you will get all your answers.Comparison between most popular tax saving investment schemes under section 80c- ELSS & PPFWatch this video, created in collaboration with ICICI Mutual Fund, and getContinue reading “ELSS vs PPF: Which is a better tax saving investment?”

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