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Why you should choose Invesco India Tax Plan for tax-saving investments

ELSS is a variable income product, which helps the investors obtain better long-term returns compared to other alternatives along with tax-savings option which greatly reduces the tax burden from the investments. Given these factors, it makes sense for conservative investors to opt for ELSS plans. Among several available plans, investors may also consider the InvescoContinue reading “Why you should choose Invesco India Tax Plan for tax-saving investments”

Mutual Funds for Beginners

Picking the right mutual fund for your first investment can get confusing. But it doesn’t have to this way. In this video, we tell you about how to go about selecting your first fund. You will see what the ideal categories for investment horizons ranging from 1 day to 7+ years. There are different typesContinue reading “Mutual Funds for Beginners”

Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund Review and Performance Analysis

Mutual fund plans have gained a lot of popularity in the last decade. Mutual funds are now increasingly seeing new investors putting their money to chase higher returns in markets using the superior analysis and knowledge at the disposal of the fund houses and the fund managers.  Mutual funds offer certain advantages over other formsContinue reading “Mirae Asset Tax Saver Fund Review and Performance Analysis”

ELSS vs PPF: Which is a better tax saving investment?

ELSS vs PPF: A comparison between ELSS and PPF. Should you invest in ELSS (equity linked saving scheme) or PPF (public provident fund)?Watch thisvideo and you will get all your answers.Comparison between most popular tax saving investment schemes under section 80c- ELSS & PPFWatch this video, created in collaboration with ICICI Mutual Fund, and getContinue reading “ELSS vs PPF: Which is a better tax saving investment?”

Tax on Equity Mutual Funds in India | Income Taxation on Capital Gains & Dividends

How mutual funds are taxed in India? We all invest for returns; In mutual fund investment you can earn return by two ways: 1: Dividends 2: Capital Gains And how much tax you must pay for these returns, are calculated differently for equality and dead funds Any fund which contributes 65% or more of itsContinue reading “Tax on Equity Mutual Funds in India | Income Taxation on Capital Gains & Dividends”

Large-cap funds and their benefits

As an investor, it is often confusing to decide your vehicle of investment, especially when you hear varying opinions on television or from your peers. That’s why it is important to understand the benefits and risks of each segment, so that it is easier to make an informed decision. Amongst the several investments you mightContinue reading “Large-cap funds and their benefits”